Pure Quality

There is a lot of waste material in our seas and oceans now a days like Cruise waste, oil spills, nuclear radiation and agricultural chemical waste plus more. Making it not as pure as it used to be in ancient time when this sea salt concept started. While Himalayan Salt was preserved by nature millions of years ago making it among the highest quality salt on earth. 

Trace of 84 Minerals

Himalayan salt contains trace of 84 minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium. The Reddish color of Himalayan Salt is because of high concentration of naturally found minerals it in. Making it more desirable on daily bases. 

Lower Sodium Intake

Himalayan Salt contains the same amount of sodium chloride by weight like Sea Salt. However, Himalayan salt has more flavor impact and so you will have to use less of it. The minerals enhance its flavour.

Naturally Iodized

Himalayan Salt is naturally iodized making is healthy salt to consume. 

No Additives

Table salt is stripped of its minerals and has anti-caking agents, such as sodium aluminum silicate, or additive E-554. In fact, there are a total of 18 food additives that are allowed in salt. Himalayan salt contains no chemical additives. 

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